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The mission of the International Journal of Equity and Social Justice in Higher Education is to promote theories, teaching strategies, and conversations that promote social justice and equity in higher education. 


Toward this end, the journal seeks to: 

  • Amplify voices and cultivate partnerships with communities engaged in social justice work. 
  • Critique existing systems and structures of power (racial, social, political, legal, cultural, educational, economic, and gender, etc…) that exclude and constrain the realization of humankind’s full potential.  
  • Promote transformative change that has the potential to disrupt current power structures (racism, neoliberalism, neoimperialism, ableism, accountability regime, paternalism, etc…) in society and in higher education. 
  • Create a platform/professional learning community for sharing ideas related to equity and social justice in higher education. 
  • Publish case studies and other academic articles that describe successful use of culturally sustaining and antiracist pedagogy (theme of Volume 1). 
  • Practice a more inclusive episteme to promote creation of knowledge from a collective perspective based on cooperation not competition.