Call for Participation

Call for Participation – Volume 2 is Coming soon!

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A New Type of Journal

The International Journal of Equity and Social Justice in Higher Education is an open access, peer-reviewed academic journal. This new type of journal focuses on promoting change related to social justice and equity in higher education.  


This journal seeks to publish a variety of voices and perspectives on higher education: 

  • students,  
  • staff, student affairs, leadership,  
  • community members, and 
  • part-time and full-time faculty. 


This journal seeks to publish a variety of media including: 

  • video,  
  • audio,  
  • images, and  
  • text articles in a digital online format.  


This journal also supports a variety of creation modalities including: 

  • online spaces for academic conversations and idea generation,  
  • collaborative and cooperative authorship,  
  • preview and feedback from peers throughout creation phases, 
  • peer review as support during publication phases, as well as 
  • individual work. 

What topics? 

The first edition will focus on the theory and practice of antiracist and culturally responsive/sustaining teaching, working, and being in higher education. Submissions seek to explore and reflect on one or more of these kinds of questions: 

  • Why is this important? Where do you start? How do you plan for these teaching methods/practices? How do you create professional development around these topics? 
  • How does one persist through difficulty and resistance? What are practices for ongoing and continuous improvement? 
  • How are these practices applied at system, institution, department/division, classroom levels? How are these applications connected?
  • How are these teaching methods/practices infused into facilitation, curriculum, and assessment? How do these teaching methods/practices play out in different contexts and disciplines?
  • How do these teaching methods occur in different modalities (asynchronous online, synchronous online, hybrid/blended courses, face-to-face)? 


The journal will publish one edition per year. Important 2022 dates: 

  • To express interest in participating in the Learning Community for collaboration or preview/feedback, please contact
  • The deadline to submit a finished product for peer review will be: June 1, 2022. 
  • The first edition publication date is September 1, 2022. 


For questions about this journal and call for participation, please reach out!


Submission Guidelines